Friday, January 14, 2011

dont say if u dont know what actually happened

hate to say.
i dont have any intention to hurt u or make u jealous, but u know everybody has their right. that my right.
dont ever judge. if u open ur eyes, u maybe find that u actually pretty much hurt me.
but im different. i never piss off or condemn anyone.
for me, human is imperfect. i always remind myself that not anyone like our way.
so, no hard feeling ok. as long as they show some respect to me and i can handle it.
 i know what u felt because i also had to face it.
actually i think that u cannot accept that theres someone around u cant going along with u.
give more space lah. thats my way to spend my time.
give me reason why i cant happy like u?
u hurt ppl around u, left ur friend like a dumb
but u dont like ppl do the same thing to you.
what the??

open ur eyes and mind please.
but in the bottom of my heart, u still my friend even many times we argue :)

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