Monday, January 10, 2011

When people like to lie (part 2)

when your friend like to lie, what u feel? for me, 'lantak dia lah'. maybe she like to show off smething. but for me, they look like a stupid man that have a mental problem. ahhh. i also lie but when it come to one point that  make u speak "ehh.. really? macam 'real' je. apa yang dia dapat?", u feel dumb too. i dont care if u want boast ur lie, but remember! nver disgrace other ppl. I like to investigate when this happen. u feel satisfied because u know the truth. for example:

Kiera: u know that kiki's father got mad like crazy in front other ppl when he know that her daughter has to pay fine ?
Nur: What??
Dira: Biar betul
Kiera : if i in her shoes, huh... very embarrassing.
Zizi : pity...


Nur : Mia, u know about the story that kiera told this morning?
Mia : not really. why?
Nur : i asked the ppl that kiera told already. they said nothing happen this morning. theres no mad man. theres no crazy man.
Mia : Hah! haaaa. do u remember that kiera and kiki had a fight once bcouse kiki stole away kiera's boy?
Nur : i get ur point. :) but its not 100 percent true. so just ignore
Mia : yaa.. not my business 

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