Monday, January 10, 2011

When people like to lie

one in the morning...

Nur: Fuh..!!

Dira: Hahaha. Tired already? so pity

Nur: hurmm. i have a lot of things to do. aiikk..where mia?

Dira: I dont know. u want hear new 'story' ?

Nur: Hot.. hot.. hot.. hahaha. what 'story'?

Dira: kiera lied to me. she said ppl dont like when she sit with me. when i check it out, she actually dont want sit with me. she want sit with zizi.

Nur: why she lied?

Dira: because SHE LIKE TO LIE. with her 'blank' face, she can make all ppl believe her.

Nur : Huh?! so disgusting.

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