Saturday, February 26, 2011

i lie

Dear blog,

one day...

Miss A : are you ok?
Me : im ok
Miss A : tell me. i'll not tell anybody. i know u re not ok
Me : im really ok. nothing.
Miss A : why u acting like that? u act like u not well. u have smething illness maybe?
Me : are u joking? im not sick ok. im act as usual
Miss A : ok. if u going really bad, i really hate it. u said like u are going die.
Me : im just said it. not mean anything
Miss A : ok i trust u
Me : im just dont want people think i want sympathy. i dont need that
Miss A : ok ok

and i turned around and stayed away hardly
and eventually my tears rolling down on my cheek
nobody know and i dont want they know
its really hurt and im not acting
this lie is hurt
if u know...

*love the way u lie song is playing :)

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