Monday, February 14, 2011

they couple...

Dear blog,

couple is the most thing we want. love. yes there is. today, people around me always talk about couple. either new or old couple. sometimes i ask myself, how can they fall in love each other? but i always tell myself that love is miracle. nothing impossible. one of my friend said  Miss A and Mr B are mismatches because Mr B is handsome and mature but Miss A look like a kid and she can be wrongly believed as 9 years old girl. that made me laughed. i asked my friend, "how can u judge their love? based on their look or clothes or age or what?". my friend did want give up and still with her point. so i just said " love can not be judged by what we saw. it is not fair u know. its look like u say i cruel at the first time we meet without knowing my heart. love is not to be judged but for us experience and  feel it gratefully. they cant fall in love each other if they mismatches. perfect couple is not about about the same look or whatever. like puzzle. to complete the puzzles, we should know whether the puzzle is fit in or matching with the other puzzle". silent. laughed. i dont know why i said like that. but it is my opinion.

happy to hear my friend finally got her love back after facing many obstacles and trials.she smile after a long time she cried.

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