Saturday, February 12, 2011


Dear blog,

its a long time. so here i am. a lot of things to share. but the limit. well. like to write short notes. sometimes i want scream. erase all this feeling. i tried to make me one of them. to make them happy with me. so they can think i am fun person. i cant accept when they try to avoid. i ran. ran from them. so i can be calm. but i was wrong. burden on me. i tried to be nice. i tried to be a winner. but they dont let me to do that. are they selfish? what they think who am i? but still fun and memorable. i enjoyed every moments even i know it cant be last. i dont care anymore even i am. hypocrite is not a fault. but it is necessary. u cant live without being  hypocrite. if u not hypocrite, they will hate u. we tell the truth. but they cant face it. so that just be hypocrite. just pleasure them. except u cant bear suffering. suffer to see them happy but u not. so conclusion, choose whether u happy but people will hate u or they happy but u have to suffer

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