Thursday, March 3, 2011

wow i satisfied with you darling

Dear blog,

maybe i sarcastic. maybe i cruel. maybe i mad. maybe i rude. maybe u will hate me. but i dont care. lol. what i care? u such a liar and made me felt disgusting. such a hypocrite person. u just trapped in your own trap. what a funny person! u made the move and u fall. decision in ur hand not mine. so act as a truly kind person. u made me felt annoying in a long time. i gave u chance but u threw away. i be nice but u... made me cried. i wonder; why u like to make other person hate u? why ur behavior so terrible? why u act as a big mouth person ha? so hot! yes. i know u will talking back about my behavior just now. yes, im sarcastic. i cant stand with ur bad words. u think i scare? lol. wrong shot. im not scare but i respect. after a long time i respect u ; however u stabbed my heart with how u treated me. i shocked when i found out u've changed! please dont put blame on me. u first made me cried. u first made me disappointed. once i felt gave up. once i felt like i wanted to scream as loud as i can. just let everyone listen. but u ignored. u dont care. u down me like a litter. yes, all this while i look a pious person. never sarcastic. let others stamp my head. but listen. this situation is different. i will react with the situation.

but darling listen... i still ur friend. i still remember every moments we together. i still smile for you. our remembrances still in my mind.

never hate u babe. even u hurt me a lot. u human as well. so that i am. we learned from the past. but depend on u to choose ur own path. forever like this or change for better? ur choice, ur life.

im sorry. im sad. because i act as terrible one too

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