Friday, June 10, 2011

Itazura Na Kiss VS Playful Kiss

Are u remember...

First kiss in itazura na kiss

 kotoko aihara and naoki irie =)

First kiss in playful kiss

Seung Jo and Ha Ni ^^

Second time kiss in itazura na kiss playful kiss

i love this scene
third time kiss in itazura na kiss... playful kiss

For me it doesnt matter either itazura na kiss nor playful kiss. Japan or korean version. But i love both. Even korean version a little bit different. but i admit i feel more feeling when watching Kotoko and naoki scenes. hurmm...

it doesnt matter, right?


p/s hoping and wanting it started with a kiss 3 (ISWAK 3 taiwan version) even my friends said its impossible because the author already died. yesss.... but many die hard fan out there hoping it ll become reality right? OMG i really cant count how many times Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin kissed. ^^

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