Saturday, July 2, 2011

My friends talk about Min Ho

Who's Min Ho?

His named is Lee Min Ho. and he's an actor indeed :)

 what? u really dont know him. ok there're some information about him. just click here.

Before i talk about him, enjoice  all his gorgeous pictures.

There're more. you just type 'lee min ho' and millions pictures of him will appear. lol.

OH! he can sing too. my everything :)

Link to his famous drama :

Boys Over Flowers

Personal taste

City Hunter

there're also CF. u can search as well.

Ok. enough! lol.

So why he became my post's tittle? hurm. Guess what? no no no. im not his die hard fan or admire or my mr right or something like that. lol. ok i just admire his acting. hoooo.. im not kidding. yes he's cute and handsome just like my friend said 'he melt my heart' *drooling. lol.

i dont know really. he just come out of my mind. my friend really love him. i mean REALLY. even all of us knowing that he just act the adorable character. who's know his real character so so so different from his acting such as Jin Ho or Gun Pyo. its not his fault. actor also has life like us. so please dont expect too much! its make u crazy and mad and growling and....whatever when you know the truth.

He's gay? i mean... girlish? oh no no no i dont know. lol. what i cared. his life his business. dont ever determine, judge and punish any actor or actress when they cant fulfill your expection.  shoot die hard fans. i mean they're not fans but tried to be his only love*hoping they ll be his only 'Jan Di'. its impossible as u know. just imagine one million girls crush him so that it mean he had to married one million girls? oh please dont be crazy.

people loved to bring fantasy with reality. my friends indeed! i frankly felt sorry for the artists. if they dont couple with their hero/heroin, they ll get bash. friends, they have a life too! please be realistic and understandable.

its not wrong to like him or be his fans but i want people to  be considerate. i admit i love Jin Ho in Personal Taste but it doest mean i want to married Jin Ho. and i dont stupid to think Jin Ho in real life. yes, he doest exist. Min Ho hate himself to be Jin Ho right? just let him be himself as LEE MIN HO!

friends please stop dreaming! your true love always await you. just go through the flow babe.

P/s : peace!

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